Our Technology Partners demonstrate technical and industry leadership through innovative software and hardware solutions that complement Securonix product offerings. Our Technology Partners understand the importance of solutions designed to enhance security, improve overall service and productivity, and reduce support costs. Through complementary technology, tight integration, and a uniform focus on delivering customer value, Securonix and its technology partners offer unparalleled solutions for Enterprise Security Intelligence.
The goal of our Technology Partners Program is to forge relationships with leading vendors interested in enhancing their current offerings through integration with Securonix core technology. By encouraging the use of innovative solutions to address business challenges, Securonix and its partners deliver superior technology and support to some of today’s most technically advanced organizations.

There are three tiers to our technology partnerships:

Registered Partners

This program is intended for vendors who are seeking a technological partnership with limited technical integrations and small upfront investment.

Certified Partners

Under this partnership program, Securonix Consumes information from the Technology Partner data source in order to generate additional security intelligence within the Securonix platform. This partnership requires that the partner provide API information for data polling.

Intelligence Partners

This program is intended for technology vendors where the Securonix platform both consumes data from the partners data sources as well as feedback security intelligence back to the partners product through a robust bi-directional integration.

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