Cloud Security Intelligence. Delivered.

Securonix’s Cloud Security Analytics extents enterprise threat monitoring to critical cloud applications and services. The App identifies and monitors usage of high-risk cloud applications and services for inappropriate and high-risk usage for proactive response against data exfiltration and other attacks.

Key use cases:

  • Data theft detection
  • Data snooping detection
  • VIP snooping detection
  • Fraud detection
  • High-risk access detection
  • Privileged account threat monitoring

Key benefits:

  • Reduces exposure of attack through improved access
  • Reduces risk and impact of attack through better detection
  • Improves response and investigation time
  • Improves compliance while reducing cost

Integrated partner solutions:

  • Securonix for Office 365
  • Securonix for SalesForce
  • Securonix for AWS
  • Securonix for Box
  • Securonix for Google Apps
  • Securonix for Azure